1990s Dawes Horizon/Galaxy- Reynolds 531 or 501?

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Re: 1990s Dawes Horizon/Galaxy- Reynolds 531 or 501?

Postby jimlews » 2 Jan 2021, 4:58pm

Brucey wrote:
jimlews wrote:A plain gauge seat tube is quite often used on a small size frameset.
Reynolds used to make the thinner centre section of the tube to a standard dimension, such that with a small size frame, the seat tube would have had to be trimmed below the thicker butted ends, thus weakening the frame.
To avoid this, a plain gauge seat tube would have been substituted.

traditionally, in a lightweight tubeset, seat tubes are single butted, and can be trimmed to any length in a lugged and brazed frame.

Tubesets which are designed for welding are a different kettle of fish though; they can be externally butted at the top, for example.


Thanks for the correction, Brucey.
I should have known that.
Actually, I did.
I blame the Sherry Trifle, myself :oops: