Hip protection for road riding?

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Re: Hip protection for road riding?

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 2 Apr 2018, 5:16pm

My accident in end nov 17 now 4 months on is very minor in comparison, I just fell side wards onto black ice on a cycle path landing on a flat hardish surface, fell onto thigh / arm / side of head, I calculated about 8-10 mpg impact.
Could not weight bear at all for two weeks on that leg. still feel pain if I push hard walking / cycling.
So I can fully emphasise with you and sorta how it feels.
Waking up in intensive care like I did in the 80's means a stay in hospital, and seems like a long way back, but you will get there I know, keep optimistic like you are.

I was going to say different activity / wheeled machine like has been suggested a trike.
Hope you get well soon, well I know it will take time, keep posting :)
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Re: Hip protection for road riding?

Postby Cugel » 2 Apr 2018, 10:35pm

This thread is an interesting resurrection, especially since there are current discussions concerning the supposed safety increase provided by helmets and high-viz.

I know dozens cyclists, having being involved in cycling clubs and various cycling activities for decades now. I personally know none who have suffered a serious head injury. I know a few who've been knocked off by cars (even though some were wearing high viz). I know a lot who have fallen off and received serious hip damage, especially amongst those who are getting on a bit.

In the club I belong to there are two with artificial hips, installed after cycling accidents which broke them. Neither of these accidents involved anyone else - they fell off due to slippery stuff, both at low speed. Happily they still manage to go along quite well. One is 80, the other is 73. They both still keep up on club runs.

I know others in my wider circle of cycling acquaintances who have not fared so well. A fall and a broken hip has stopped their cycling and much else. A broken hip needs fixing or replacing fast if it's to recover function, apparently. These lads have not recovered well due to complications or delays in replacement with an artificial item.

As we get older, hip fracture is a an ever-greater possibility for we cyclists. We get brittle, so crack when once we would have bounced. I suspect there is a far greater case for hip protection devices than there is for head protection devices, in cycling.

I'm trying to think of a cyclist I know who has fallen off and suffered a serious head injury. I can't think of one. I can immediately think of seven who've cracked their hip due to a fall from a bike.


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Re: Hip protection for road riding?

Postby Richard D » 8 Apr 2018, 7:23pm

FWIW, the closed-cell foam pad solution gave me some piece of mind for a couple of months, but it was hot and a bit uncomfortable, so I ditched it after a couple of months.

The long-term solution has been "don't fall off".