Best helmet colour?

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Re: Best helmet colour?

Postby SJSBrompton » 12 Sep 2012, 9:50am

Mine's black (a Met Commuter) - but has black reflective Moglo skull stickers on each side, which reflect against car headlights. It also has a rear flashing red LED, which I use when it gets dark. I'd imagine it is a good level for cars behind.

I got some funny looks this morning when I debuted my new jersey - black with bright pink (nearly neon) skulls all over it. I don't usually do pink, but it was my concession to visibility and if people are looking at me funny, it means they are noticing it. My hope is that the theory might extend to some car drivers as well. I should certainly stand out a bit in the yellow hi vis shoals of riders you see in Central London.

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Re: Best helmet colour?

Postby NewHorizon » 12 Sep 2012, 9:58am

Alex L wrote:I'm not fond of the brand but for visabilty it can't get much better than this: ... met-saturn

Still, will probably stop working after a few days...

Yes, I'm always wary of built in add-ons - when they stop working, you're carrying dead weight, and they're very often not as good as stand alone items anyway. That is certainly bright though, but too small for my huge bonce. Fortunately I don't have to commute - my cycling is leisure - but I'm always slightly nervous as the nights draw in of not being seen.