Kids crashing into cars

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Kids crashing into cars

Postby rob1234 » 26 Jul 2007, 10:14am

Last night my nine year old lost control of his bike and crashed into a parked car (on the road)- the bike is fine but there is some damage to the car.

Does anyone know where I stand.

Can a nine year old be liable for the damage and or am I liable as the parent for his actions.

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Postby pigman » 26 Jul 2007, 1:08pm

my personal view, and it is personal, is that it depends on circumstances.
If the car was parked in an improper manner. eg. half on the pavement, or on a corner etc, then I'd ignore it and do a runner and carefully explain to the lad that it was essentially the driver's actions that put poor lad in such a situation.
If however, the car was parked properly and the lad genuinely lost control and is essentially to blame, then I'd take responsibility and either pay for the repairs myself or let the driver know my CTC membership details and tell him to make a 3rd party claim against us. As a car owner myself, I'd be a bit miffed if I had parked carefully, suffered misfortune and was faced with someone contesting that it's my problem as a minor shouldn't be held liable,

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Postby Deckie » 26 Jul 2007, 1:36pm

If we take it that the car was parked legally, then you are laible for the actions of your son as a minor.

However, you may notice on your household insurance a section called "Public Liability". This is what covers you for this sort of thing (as well as stray balls, etc). The car owner should make a claim against you which you should refer to your household insurers.

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Postby Tynan » 31 Jul 2007, 12:48pm


good form is to put your hands up and offer to pay

imagine it's your car

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Postby hubgearfreak » 31 Jul 2007, 4:24pm

Tynan wrote:good form is to put your hands up and offer to pay

i agree, unless the car was on double yellows or somesuch