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Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 1:17am
by andrewk
I've just bought another bike and it has come fitted with lock on ergo grips. Presumably "lock on" means exactly that and means that I can add bar ends without having to move the grips inward. I'm after ergonomically shaped plastic or rubber covered bar ends in black.
Does any one know:
Where one can get "lock on" bar ends?
Will all "lock on" bar ends fit or is this a brand specific system?

Re: Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 7:53am
by Wesh-Laurence
What is your new bike? If it comes with lock on ergo grips they are simply secured to the handlebars using a bolt which tightens a locking ring. Other grips are "push fit" onto the handlebars and are simply friction fit onto the handlebars. The grips will need to be moved inwards on the handlebars in order to fit bar ends.

Bar ends either "lock on" to the end of the handlebars or "push fitted" into the hole in the end of the handlebars. The "lock on" bar ends are secured using a lock ring and small bolt which locks them onto the ends of the handlebars but the grips have to be moved inwards to fit these. The push fitting bar ends are secured by a bolt which expands a fitting into the handlebar, these are not are secure as lock on bar ends.

Any good bike shop will sell these or you can buy them online. They vary in price but cost about £20. I use Specialized bar ends which are made of rubber but they are dark grey in colour not black. The black carbon bar ends are more expensive.

Grips and bar ends are not brand specific modern handlebars have a standardised diameter (22.8mm?).

Where are you in SW London? I can show you various bar ends and how to fit them if you're near SW17.

Re: Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 10:17am
by andrewjoseph
some lockon grips have a 'bayonet' type fitting at the ends, or a snap in section, or none at all. you need to take the end caps and grip off and take a look, then buy a suitable bar end. some grips have a lock ring both ends, some only one.

Re: Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 3:30pm
by andrewk
Thanks for the replies, sorry for my belated response but I have been away hill walking. The bike is a Cube Kathmandu (flat bar fully equipped light tourer).
Wesh Laurence - thanks for your offer, i'm just up the road in SW18 so would like to take up your offer of help.

Re: Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 6:00pm
by andymiller
I'm confused.

Can you post a picture of your grips?

Do you have Ergon grips? Or are they just normal grips with lockrings at either end?

When you say 'bar ends' do you mean the things that stick out and give you an extra hand position or do you mean the things that you fit into your handlebars as protection?

If you have normal grips with lockrings and you want the things that stick out then yes you will need to move them and the controls in a bit.

If you have Ergon grips then SFAIK you need to replace them with these: ... elID=83638

If you just want something to protect against bans and drops then you need bar end plugs: ... gs&x=0&y=0

Re: Help please...lock on bar ends

Posted: 31 Jul 2013, 12:34am
by andrewk
The grips are Cube RFR ones, they have a metal screw in plug at the end which partially covers what looks like a metal bayonet type fixing. Not up with electronic cameras so posting a picture isn't feasible. I'm after the things that stick out forwards to give an additional hand position.