best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

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Re: best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

Postby hamster » 27 Aug 2013, 2:23pm

Witter and others do towbars for all Minis except Cooper S. They are around £250 excl fitting. An ATERA bike carrier is a similar amount.
Towbar racks are brilliant, and with a removable towball your car looks the same too. You have the added advantage that you can chain the bikes to the rear of the car for better security.
With the bikes in the slipstream behind the car the fuel economy is far less affected too, typically around 3mpg on my diesel estate car.

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Re: best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

Postby thesheep » 27 Aug 2013, 5:54pm

thanks - I wish that were possible as it sounds so sensible. I think fitting a tow ball by a 3rd party would void the warranty, which still has a year to run.

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Re: best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

Postby byegad » 1 Sep 2013, 8:46am

I had a tow bar mounted Thule rack on the back of my wife's 2006 Toyota Yaris. We took two bikes 800 miles each way to Bordeaux at speds up to 130kph (Around 80mph) on the Autoroutes, with no issues and very good fuel economy. I'd do it again if I had a Mini.
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Re: best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

Postby thesheep » 9 Oct 2013, 2:47pm

Audax67 wrote:
anniesboy wrote:Its without doubt that carrying a bike outside a car goes with a degree of risk.
I carry mine on a tow ball hitch,yes a risk of damage if someone runs into the back.
Having said that Im sure more bikes have been damaged when carried on the roof, mainly by forgetting they are there when driving into car parks or other barriers.

Windage is non-negligible with a roof rack. I used one in the 80s & early 90s, and every time I took my foot off the gas the car slowed dramatically. And I have experienced the joy of having a chum say "Yes, plenty of room, go ahead" only to hear the thud and the rending sound as the rack was wrenched from its moorings. The bike was OK.

Ahhh yes. 2700km through France and northern Spain without any problem, other than shouting at OH to avoid the 'ribbons' on the peage toll booth lanes that he failed to see until about 5m away :D Last day of holiday, arrive at hotel in central France very tired after 7 hours on the road, drive at 5mph into hotel parking.....overhead wall. Ccccrash...broken glass, sinking feeling.Clean forgot the bikes were on the roof.
Watched by about 5 elderly American tourists, none of whom reacted (the "bétise" was my fault, but...), one of whom then told me " I knew you weren't gonna make it" with evident satisfaction.
I'm now involved in a dispute with the car insurance co as the Mini's roof was damaged (long, boring story). One of the bikes was fine, the other just had the back pannier rack, seatpost and saddle written off - good ad for Cateye as their rear light was smashed but kept working!
We also had to find a local depanneur on a Sunday morning, who sorted out the Mini roof bar fitting - where it meets (or should do) the roof - for us so that we could drive safely home. He and his son spent over an hour working on the rack for just €30.
Mini did its usual awful petrol consumption - about 36mpg, no real difference to when we did the trip without bikes. Slightly better on the way down going @ 130km/h than the way back, going at 110km/h due to damaged bike rack.

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Re: best bike carrier for Mini Cooper?

Postby beetroot » 9 Oct 2013, 8:13pm

The best bike carrier for a Mini Cooper? You're going to need one big bike!