Selling a Thule Bike rack

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Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby Cycleking » 17 Jul 2014, 10:38am

9105 High level rack, which fitted my sisters Corsa and my KA very well. The problem's start when you sell the cars, and want to get rid of the rack! How do you find out what other models of cars these racks fit for any prospective buyers? Thule's fit guide (cleverly) makes you enter make of car first, so you can't work backwards to find out what other makes it fits. Anybody know anymore, and where the best place to sell might be?

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Re: Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby Ank@eel » 17 Jul 2014, 11:20am

These look pretty universal to me, I have had similar carriers and they are adaptable to most hatchbacks or estates. Offer them for sale on the forum, I am sure they will sell (if the price is right).

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Re: Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby Swallow » 17 Jul 2014, 12:45pm

I agree with Ank@eel, the carriers are pretty much universal, it's the roof bars or rails that they are fitted to that are car specific
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Re: Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby chocjohn9 » 17 Jul 2014, 8:11pm

There are three holes at the "top" of this rack (I have the same) and depending on your car, Thule tells you which hole to put the "pin" in. When I changed car from a smaller one to a large estate one, naturally it didn't fit the new one, so I drilled more holes, 2cm apart, so now it fits any car you could mention. I think they come with three holes originally in order to push their sales.

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Re: Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby tim-b » 18 Jul 2014, 5:39am

Is this what you need? (it lists the Corsa under Opel)
The link will take you directly to a *.pdf file, so you'll need a suitable reader

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Re: Selling a Thule Bike rack

Postby AMMoffat » 18 Jul 2014, 2:26pm

I sold a Thule rack recently through this forum. Check out the "For sale - bits of bikes" section. You could put a link to the Thule fit guide in your listing so prospective purchasers can check for themselves whether it will fit their car. If you don't want to post it then just state "collection only" in your listing :D