Strava - good or bad?

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Milfred Cubicle
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Re: Strava - good or bad?

Postby Milfred Cubicle » 25 Jul 2014, 10:38pm

A lot of my cycling pals use it, but I can't see what all the fuss is about. One of the loys of cycling is a sense of freedom. Another is the relatively low-tech of a bicycle. Both of these principles seem at odds with apps, gps etc. I also learned recently of a horrid sounding system 'digital epo', which allows users to manipulate their Strava times. Rather defeats the competetive element of Strava. I suppose strava is just another tool in the box. Useful, but only if you actually have a use for it.

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Re: Strava - good or bad?

Postby easyroller » 26 Jul 2014, 10:58am

I like using Strava to see what my club mates are up to and to check out the rides of friends in other countries. It's a pretty good form of cycling social media. I'll never have a vast collection of KOMs but I do like seeing the occasional PB on certain segments.

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Re: Strava - good or bad?

Postby TrevA » 27 Jul 2014, 5:54pm

Another feature of Strava - you can compare yourself against the top Pro's riding the Tour de France. Just had a look at Marcus Berghardt - he averages 625 miles a week against my 219 average. He does 25 hours a week against my 15 - obviously he rides much faster than me!
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