First Great Western

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Re: First Great Western

Postby TonyR » 11 Aug 2014, 8:56am

So did you make it on the train in the end?


Re: First Great Western

Postby Seventeezlad2 » 11 Aug 2014, 11:29am

In theory if you're on a longer rail journey then it's advisable to book and apparently on some routes 'compulsory', but in practice you should be able to just turn up. I've used FGW on numerous occasions, mostly enroute from the Brecon Beacons, specifically Newport to Reading and not once have I booked my bike, and not once have ever encountered any issues with staff or boarding. So I guess I've been lucky from reading other posts.

i would agree with Mick F though, assuming the service you board is using the intercity 125 rolling stock, you do have to keep the fingers crossed your bike will still be on board when you go to retrieve it....

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Re: First Great Western

Postby Block » 13 Aug 2014, 9:07am


Yes I did get on the train fine. Got on at Redruth in Cornwall and there was only one other bike on there. Lots more got on further up and the train manager kept announcing that the delay was due to an unexpected number of bikes! Overall they were very helpful and were happy for me to get off a couple of times to check it was still there.

Thanks for all the help on this forum.


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Re: First Great Western

Postby honesty » 13 Aug 2014, 9:18am

Travelled a few times from Taunton down to Exeter and down to Penzance on FGW. Never had a problem. The storage of the bikes in the space in front of car A is good, but it is very easy for someone else to just walk off with your bike when not at your stop, so I've ignored the signs in the past and chained my bike to the rack, so never had that problem.