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CTC Stickers

Postby Loomis » 6 Aug 2014, 4:53pm

Many years ago I acquired a few stickers with CTC logos on them. They have done sterling service on mudguards, and are a good advert for the club. I have searched the CTC site and Wiggle/CTC for replacements with no luck. Does anybody know if these are still available, and if so where?

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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby Matt » 7 Aug 2014, 12:54pm

Hi Loomis - I've got a few to hand. Please feel free to contact me at the office - matt.mallinder@ctc.org.uk

For other's info we're planning to make these available again very soon.

All the best

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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby andrew_s » 7 Aug 2014, 3:06pm

I suppose that's going to be stickers with the current logo on, rather than waterslide transfers with the winged wheel on?
( :( , in anticipation)

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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby Mistik-ka » 7 Aug 2014, 4:05pm

Yes, the winged wheel is a classic! I find it much more attractive.

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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby gaz » 7 Aug 2014, 4:47pm

My guess would be that these stickers are NOS found in some long forgotten storage box from Godalming.

It's an educated guess based on this thread: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25603

It sounds like a new batch are being ordered, I'm not guessing whether or not Wheelie is amongst them :wink: .
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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby Cunobelin » 7 Aug 2014, 4:53pm

On a tourer or recumbent, the Winged Wheel added class, the modern "logo" doesn't, it is a cheap gaudy mess

All my bikes had CTC badges as a matter of course, now they don't

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Mick F
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Re: CTC Stickers

Postby Mick F » 7 Aug 2014, 5:07pm

Cunobelin wrote:On a tourer or recumbent, the Winged Wheel added class, the modern "logo" doesn't, it is a cheap gaudy mess
This has rung true with me, and just chatted to the font of all wisdom - Mrs Mick F.

I was riding with some Royal Navy club cyclists the other day, just that they caught me up and we chatted for a while. I'm ex RN as most folk know. One chap with them is on the committee and suggested I join, and I really thought I would. They give you a RN jersey.
Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 17.01.34.png
Do I really want to wear that? It's a modern logo and looks cheap. Personally, I'd prefer something discreet and not gawdy.

However, Mrs Mick F said that I often wear my Cornwall cycling jersey! That is certainly not discreet! Maybe I have double standards? :oops:
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