How to lube suspension forks

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How to lube suspension forks

Postby skicat » 19 Sep 2014, 1:56pm

I have a hybrid bike with Suntour NCX-D front suspension shocks. The bike manual makes no mention of maintenance. Should I be applying lube on a regular basis, and where to? Just around the seal where the inner and outer tunes meet would seem likely? Also, there is a small hole part way down the right-hand leg, plugged with a rubber bung.

Is that a lube point as well? I don't even know what that hole is for.
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Lance Dopestrong
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Re: How to lube suspension forks

Postby Lance Dopestrong » 19 Sep 2014, 2:12pm

Every few rides apply light oil (or motorcycle fork oil- it's cheaper than bicycle oil) to the stanchion, pump the fork a few times and wipe off the excess. it'll help flush out dirt that's gotten under the dust seal and keep the wiper seal supple. It'll still require periodic stripping, cleaning and rebuilding, but this will help max out those intervals.
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Re: How to lube suspension forks

Postby cycleruk » 19 Sep 2014, 4:46pm

I used to completely strip my RST forks down now and again. Water used to get pass the seals due mainly to off-roading in wet weather.

You should be able to find a service manual for your forks on the Suntour website:-
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