Petersfield Cycling Groups - Midweek

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flat tyre
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Petersfield Cycling Groups - Midweek

Postby flat tyre » 21 Jul 2015, 2:02pm

Does anyone know if there are any cycling groups or rides in/around Petersfield Hants, midweek? I'm due to become a gentleman of leisure in the near future so I'm going to be doing more midweek rides, 30-50 miles or so.

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Re: Petersfield Cycling Groups - Midweek

Postby manybikes » 22 Jul 2015, 2:58am

Portsmouth and Havant CTC have a number of rides on various days. Some members live near Petersfield and occasionally will take a train to the start, which is Havant. Their web site gives details. A friendly and welcoming group.