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A plea to forum users...please remember that this is a forum open to people of all ages and sensibilities, thus can we try not to swear or use thinly amended swearing in our posts?

For instance rearranging the letters, or replacing a letter in a word with ";" or "@" still makes it clear what the word is and thus we still see it as swearing and don't allow it. If, however, you choose to use something like "*******" (ie a load of asterixs) or "%£$*&$^%" and thus allow the reader to make up their own exspetive -that's perfectly OK.

Remember the future of cycling depends on getting children to do it; we don't want people stopping their children using the forum because of the 'language' that they might pick up from it!

This post also applies to moderators - so if you see me frothing at the mouth and resorting to Anglo-Saxon please feel free to report it!