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City Of York - Why

Postby pops » 24 Jan 2008, 2:43pm

Why is City of York still listed as a centre for training national standards instructors when people from Leicester and Derby have been waiting over 14 months now for the follow up checks on their training that have already been paid for ? This is the kind of thing that is bringing the scheme into disrepute.

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Postby billynibbles » 1 Feb 2008, 7:43am

My own employer's experience is the same - we had some initial training from York then nada. Have now started again under Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, a neighbouring borough to us - finished their excellent 4-day course yesterday.

Looks like the only waiting we'll be having to do is get our own act together to amass all of our provisionally-accreditted instructors in one spot long enough for Kingston to come and assess us in our work place. They were quite happy to 'do diaries' yesterday!

UPDATE 14/02/08. Having been on Kingston's excellent 4-day course, and having a week's downtime with no work in between, I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday, having been mentored through two teaching sessions with live groups at a school I was already scheduled to work at, I'm now confirmed as accreditted. Well done and thank you Phil and John at Kingston.