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Bikeability training ratios

Posted: 2 Feb 2017, 5:48pm
by John Holiday
Working with one of the companies providing training on a national basis, we have recently been advised that the normal ratio of instructors to trainees has been increased from 2:6 to 2:12!
When this was first proposed we said that it was unrealistic & possibly hazardous.
It would appear that the powers that be, have ignored the people on the ground actually doing the training.
Have the people who make these decisions actually worked as Instructors?
Anyone any thoughts or experience of working with the new arrangements?

Re: Bikeability training ratios

Posted: 3 Feb 2017, 9:51am
by Si
We used to do up to around 2:10 over four sessions, we now do 2:4 over two sessions. The latter is much better in terms 0f teaching quality. You get to know the kids better, there is more chance of getting near 20:80 and the group is just more manageable with less time lost to faffing. 2:4 also allows much more free riding as you can split into two groups giving each child 50% of the time on front. But with 2:10 each kid only gets 10% of thetime on front.
The positive with the 2:10 was that you could get the group to create its own traffic on quiet roads before moving onto busy roads with motor vehicles.

Re: Bikeability training ratios

Posted: 8 Feb 2017, 1:33pm
by pjclinch
In Scotland the maximum ratio depends on the training level.

L1, 15:1
L2: 16:2
L3: 6:2

These are qualified Cycle Trainers, (including qualified CT Assisatants at L1 & L2), helping hands aren't counted.

Those numbers are as advised by Cycling Scotland (who run Bikeability Scotland, not quite the same thing as Bikeability but the same basic intent to deliver NSCT 1-3); actual delivery is via Local Authorities who can have their own rules if they wish.