Cycle Instructor Roles

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Cycle Instructor Roles

Post by OutspokenTraining »

Outspoken Training are looking for excellent communicators to deliver fun, inspiring and confidence boosting Bikeability cycle training courses in local primary schools. The work you do is highly valued and successful candidates with be trained to become government approved, National Standard instructors. The role will appeal to individuals who enjoy any form of cycling and/or have some previous experience or a strong interest in coaching, teaching or working with children in local schools.

Position: Cycle Instructor

Hours: Term time within a school day

Pay: £12 per hour

Job Type: Freelance

The role:

Our aim is to inspire people with a love of cycling by giving them the confidence and skills to cycle more often. Bikeability cycle training is a fun, exciting and practical programme promoting the use of bicycles as an enjoyable form of transport.

Instructors work on a freelance basis, in pairs with other Outspoken instructors. The instructing will predominately involve training children in primary schools to Bikeability Level 1 and 2 during school hours, over 4 days in each week. We also deliver a variety of other cycling services to children and adults. Hours are agreed in advance and the work requires an enhanced DBS disclosure which will be paid for by Outspoken Training.

Contract locations we work in:

- Bedford
- North Buckinghamshire
- Cambridgeshire
- Lincolnshire
- Northamptonshire
- Peterborough
- West Suffolk

Instructors can specify a particular area within a county/counties that they wish to work in. You will not be expected to work across a whole county.

For more information and details of how to get an application pack, please visit our website:
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Re: Cycle Instructor Roles


Freelance = self employed?
Do you realise how little that is compared with being employed?
It would struggle to come up to minimum wage.....

No sick pay

Pay own NI & Income tax

No holiday pay

No works pension

No contract of employment

No tea breaks

That's a teaching / training with experience....................

I know ex druggies straight off Princes Trust who earn £ 25 per hour and all them holidays for working in school time. as coaches.
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Re: Cycle Instructor Roles

Post by DrJohnJ »

Please don't respond from a position of ignorance based on generalities and what is often poorly reported. If you have questions, then ask them!

The arrangement described by Outspoken works for plenty of people, including me! Whilst you don't have a Contract of Employment, you do have a Contract and being self-employed can work if you want flexibility as an individual. Not all organisations are the same.
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