Review of National Standard - Closes 4 May 2018

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Review of National Standard - Closes 4 May 2018

Post by gaz »

12 March 2018: Stage two engagement opens: This will enable you to comment on the detail of the Draft Revised National Standard.
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The input of those within the cycle training industry – instructors, schemes, stakeholders – is vital to this review, so please do get involved!

Other stakeholder organisations outside of the cycle training industry will also have a valuable contribution to make and their contributions are welcomed too.
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Re: Review of National Standard - Closes 4 May 2018

Post by pjclinch »

Thanks for the heads-up.

That's quite a change! First impression is probably for the better, though of course the real proof of the pudding will be the related guides that implement it.

The report on the initial survey was interesting. Quite a lot of good thoughts, but you have to wonder about some people's connection with reality... compulsory mirrors on bikes in a primary school setting strikes me as an invitation to a lot of broken glass!

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