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Additional Computer Based Training

Postby mtucker » 4 Apr 2008, 10:54pm

Hi I'm a student currently studying product design.

I am designing a hazard perception, and other cognitive skills tests and games for child cyclists. This would run along side the National Standard Bikeability, and improve both their hazard perception and perception of the environment around them.

Recent reports using similar tests in their study, say this could be a fruitful avenue to pursue.

I see it as not only helping children ride more safely on road, but will also be enjoyable, so increase numbers of cyclists and ultimately make it safer through a critical mass.

I really need someone to give me product validation, but all comments will be appreciated.

If anyone can help in any way, or have been involved in these above mentioned reports then I would love to hear from you.


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Postby bikeboy » 5 Apr 2008, 9:55am

Would love to hear your theories and offer any help if I can. If you send me your details I will get in contact as soon as possible.