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Posted: 9 Jul 2018, 8:32pm
by ttaylo8
I am quite concerned on this new partnership deal from Bikeability Trust/Halfords.
I am sure I am not alone in that this offer of free bicycle checks from Halfords is worrying.
How many times have you carried out bicycle checks at courses and found brand new bicycles from this company have MAJOR faults. I am talking front forks on the wrong way. Cables in knots around the handlebar stem causing the brake to operate when turning the handlebars. Loose head sets. Loose wheel nuts. That's just the serious ones!
I do not normally speak out on this subject but even after visits/discussions over a number of years with Halford's managers, the problems continue.
We would normally have a rant and fix the problem so the trainee can continue the course.
Surely someone needs to check this partnership out before a trainee is injured or worse.
Most recently; an adult person had just collected his new road bike to practice for a forthcoming long ride and his poorly built machine caused an accident. Luckily no one was hurt. This time!

Re: Halfords link

Posted: 13 Jul 2018, 8:35am
by pjclinch
Halfords are, like any bike shops, as good as their staff. And in branches where there is no real interest in bikes that tends to be poor, but in others it can be as good as any other bike shop. So I'd like to see more details about what's really involved before decrying the whole thing.

Much the biggest cause of poor setup is due to parents/carers IME. So we have the disconnected brake that's not disconnected because someone forgot to check it, but deliberately disconnected "because it was rubbing". And so on (and on, and on).


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Posted: 18 Aug 2018, 8:03pm
by recumbentpanda
I encountered my third Halfords assembled bike this year with the forks on back to front . . . Then I discovered the last one, a ‘Wiggins’ model is actually designed with reverse curved forks. Who thought it was a good idea to confuse Halfords mechanics even more with that one?! Apparently the whole Wiggins range have ‘signature reverse curve forks’. Was this some kind of sardonic humour?

Re: Halfords link

Posted: 4 Sep 2018, 2:00pm
by pedals2slowly
I'd heard rumours of poor service from Halfords but never encountered it until recently.
A fellow club member had a chain and cassette replaced, Halfords also replaced the gear cable (for no reason whatsoever) and on his first ride the cable slipped out because it had been taken around the wrong side of the clamping bolt.
So the question is - are all Halfords mechanics suitably trained?
Anecdotal evidence suggest not.
Maybe some irony if they get involved with an accredited training organisation?