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New Cycle Training Website

Posted: 24 Nov 2005, 2:51pm
by Helen B
We have just launched the new look CTC Cycle Training Website. Do have a look and we would welcome any comments.


Re:New Cycle Training Website

Posted: 24 Nov 2005, 8:35pm
by dave5n
Hi Helen,

What's the URL for the website; and

how does one go about becoming an accredited instructor?

Re:New Cycle Training Website

Posted: 25 Nov 2005, 9:47am
by Helen B
Hi Dave,
Please see
All the information regarding 'becoming an Instructor' is on the new look website.
Have a look and if you require any further information please call the Cycle Training Helpline 0870 607 0415 or email

Re:New Cycle Training Website

Posted: 13 Dec 2005, 2:10pm
by Jonathan
Some of my trainees last year found it very difficult to find cycle trainers on the web.

If you type in ‘cycle training’ in Google, you end up with CTUK in London. CTC National Standards Training is a long way down the list, and the title ‘CTC Accredited Instructors’ doesn’t mean much to most people.

Would it help if CTC set up a separate National website for training? This could have keywords on the homepage that Google could pick up to help potential trainees look for local trainers nationwide.

Maybe I need to set up my own website, quite time consuming and expensive for such a modest income.