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Postby Wendy » 28 Mar 2006, 7:39pm

Joanne Lord and I came into contact with BHit after Rachael Landymore was plastered all over the box down here - they then asked me if I would run training courses for them as they are applying to the government for a large grant to run cycling courses., obviously that wasn't all in this neck of the woods!

But by the same token, the kids in this country come under fire for not getting enough exercise and being obese and part of that comes down to parents not letting their kids loose on the roads without training and councils generally don't have either the resources or budget to run an effective training campaign so the kids are the loosers. It's not their fault that they don't have cycle training as part of the curriculum the way we did when we were younger and for their sakes and only for their sakes, I agreed.

Until I discovered, as I said, thanks to JF, that BHIT had a quarterly newsletter when Jo and I were the headliners, the report was wholly inaccurate about Antony's accident and they also tried to hijack my business by saying anyone who was interested in my courses to contact them under the guise of Parents for Helmets., their newest venture although the website is still being built up ..

At one stage, they also asked me to do a kind of Agony Aunt column on it about training and things for anyone contacting them but as time passed, so the shenanigans began and that was when I resigned, long before this newsletter went out so their excuses of it being written way back doesn't hold water because it only went out to their subscribers last week., on or around 21st March and we parted company several weeks earlier!