Tricycle training problems

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Tricycle training problems

Postby A1 » 31 Mar 2006, 12:04pm

I wonder if you could help me.

The company I work for is looking at using tricycles as delivery vehicles. After training a number of riders I have found that some people can instinctively ride them while others find it a totally alien experience. It may be some thing to do with the tricycle not leaning and their bicycling experience and balance reactions hinder their ability to feel comfortable. Riders then want to put their foot down.
Has anyone ever heard of this before?
Do you know of anywhere I could look to find any information on this please?
It seems to mainly affect people who have ridden loaded bicycles a lot.


Re:Tricycle training problems

Postby keepontriking » 31 Mar 2006, 6:22pm

Upright trikes tend to have minds of their own as they turn down cambers, which you have to continually fight.
You could try taking them to a very flat playground and asking them to cross their hands as they ride. The trick is to take their mind of any thoughts of riding a 'bike' and to unlearn everything about balance.
It has worked with firends who have tried to ride my trikes.

An alternative is a recumbent trike :-)
Anyone can ride them.



Re:Tricycle training problems

Postby A1 » 3 Apr 2006, 1:23pm

Thanks, that sounds like a good trick. I have had more problems on slightly uneven ground.
My main concern is that the bicycle skills the riders have comes back in times of panic. So instead of just grabbing the breaks in an emergency they try to also put their foot down.
Do these reactions disappear with time or can they come back at any time??


Re:Tricycle training problems

Postby Elucasr » 12 May 2006, 10:40pm

I learnt to ride a motorcycle (solo) when I was sixteen, some time later I bought my fathers combination. He taught me to ride it and to get over balancing the motor cycle by telling me to grip the right hand grip with my left hand and to steer like using a tiller on a boat. It worked very well.


Re:Tricycle training problems

Postby troywinters » 22 May 2006, 5:13pm

giz a job mate. no seriously any vacancys?