Cycling Proficiency substitute?

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Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby drossall » 20 Apr 2006, 11:26pm

In my capacity as a Scout leader I got asked an off-the-wall question today. One boy's parents are concerned that he missed the CP when his school did it a year ago. They are now very keen to get him some training, but he OTOH is reluctant (I suspect he feels too old for CP having moved to senior school since).

CP coverage here in N Herts is quite good at the primary schools AFAIK. These parents asked me because (a) they know me to be a cyclist and (b) they believe that another local Troop provided CP (I have not checked so am not sure).

Question: are there alternative schemes as I don't have time to get trained as a CP instructor and there is little point when most Scouts do it through school? If there is something with some "cool" factor, that would be all the better.

Suggestions on a virtual postcard please.


Re:Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby Wendy » 21 Apr 2006, 9:10pm

If you go to you will see the alternative to CP now better known as Level 2 ... and if you go to and check down the list, you will find a couple of NSIs in your area too, who can deliver!

Hope this helps!



Re:Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby Jules » 18 May 2006, 11:57am

My son has just done Cycling Proficiency and now I am training him and another child who has also done CP to do Level 2 National Standards. CP is just a basic starter qualification but by no means gives kids the skills to cycle safely on road in all conditions etc. Some elements of it are contrary to advice given at Level 2, in any case, as things have moved on a lot since CP was designed - some of their instructors don't even ride bikes themselves! I would advocate a Level 2 course for all scouts etc so they can actually complete safe onroad journeys. The cool factor could be that CP is for small kids, Level 2 is for proper cyclists!


Re:Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby Richard » 27 May 2006, 12:15pm

CTC has register of registered training instructors - see web site. CP is old hat now - you need to be looking at the National Standard Level 2 for proper training.


Re:Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby smiffy » 28 May 2006, 3:04pm

Hi,as a cycling instructor with Herts C.C. I know the confusion with the old C.P. still exists. If you want a good level of cycle training you can do no better than Level2 or even level 3 national standards.I"m afraid C.P. is a bit old hat now!!! Go to where Hazel Clarke will put you on the right track.Herts C.C. are probobly the best provider of cycle training in the country.So there!!!!!!!!!!


Re:Cycling Proficiency substitute?

Postby billynibbles » 2 Jun 2006, 4:10pm

"Herts C.C. are probobly the best provider of cycle training in the country.So there!!!!!!!!!! "

Well, you'd probably have to argue that one with York amongst others! I'm one of London Borough Of Richmond's cycling instructors and till recently we have always rolled out a traditional CP course to year-6 kids (unlike some of our surrounding Boroughs, free of charge). However, we are in the process of changing over to a National Standard type of course, level 1 being rolled out in the format of a 'cycling fun day' to year-5 kids so that we can come back at year-6 to take those that can ride a bike through to level 2, including the more 'on-road' aspects.

Having said that, our traditonal CP course has included an on-road element for those that pass for years now, and I'm pleased to see that in the transition to National Standards, we're not 'throwing the baby out with the bath-water' or redesigning the wheel.

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Postby tina » 1 Feb 2007, 9:23am

As yet another Herts CC trainer I can also offer L2 NS training for your scout troop if you wanted to offer it. I know other troops take training from HCC directly so that is also an option.

I am stevenage based.

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Postby nick » 9 Feb 2007, 10:54am

Yeah info can be found for the Hertfordshire Cycle Training teams scheme at:

If you can't do the training through us, be sure to to contact our instructors. there are several of them kicking about on here and though i may be slightly bias, the are good at what they do.