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cap insurance

Postby adventurelines » 27 Apr 2009, 9:48am

Help please, what is the number of children you can have cycle training on road. How many does the cap insurance covers us for.

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Re: cap insurance

Postby moultoneer » 27 Apr 2009, 3:43pm

Not aware of any limit specified for insurance purposes, but two instructors for 6 to 12 children on Level 2 is often quoted. Personally I don't like to have more than 8 between two instructors, as it can become difficult to cope with any problems arising with larger numbers.

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Re: cap insurance

Postby worthers » 28 Apr 2009, 1:11pm

I don't know the insurance rules, but in my opinion, good safe practice would be no more than an maximum of 6 children per instructor. Like moultoneer, I personally don't like working with a ratio of more than 4 children per instructor. The age and ability of the children, and where you're planning to take them should be your biggest factors when deciding group size, rather than how many the insurance covers.

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Re: cap insurance

Postby adinigel » 26 May 2009, 8:24pm

From a bikeability point of view...

Level 1 - 1 trainer per 12 trainees

Level 2 - 1 trainer per 6 trainees

Level 3 - 1 trainer per 2 trainees.

As mentioned above many trainers prefer smaller groups.

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