Sports Unlimited - Any Experience?

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Sports Unlimited - Any Experience?

Postby zenzinnia » 22 May 2009, 3:29pm

I am involved with setting up a new initiative through Sports Unlimited (a national programme to fund out of school sporting activities for 11 - 19 year olds and link them with sports clubs). Our idea is to provide Bikeability level 2 training and couple that with fun activities and a wide range of cycle sport experiences, hopefully through local clubs over a 8-10 session programme starting in September. Hopefully this will encourage the kids to cycle more, cycle for fun, cycle to school, cycle for sport and get involved with local cycle clubs.

Has anyone else been involved with any sports unlimited projects (may be not even cycling ones) or have any advice that would be helpful. Some of the areas we are light on are transporting the kids to other venues (we would like to take them to cycle track and an off road venue), linking up officially with clubs who aren’t signed up to Go Ride, obtaining bikes for anyone who doesn’t have one.

Thanks in advance for any input.