Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

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Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

Postby Wendy » 7 Jun 2006, 9:46pm

Given recent events, it has been suggested that perhaps there needs to be a code of conduct for us accredited NSIs to adhere to a way in which should anyone do anything that jeopardises that at the very least are disciplined if not stripped of their accreditation by the organisation which initially awarded it subject to exactly what the offence is and if they continue to use the accreditation on their literature or websites then they risk legal sanctions.

We are in a position of trust and children's parents cannot do CRB checks on us when they approach us to train their children so if we are to be able to do our job without them having reason to be concerned, then perhaps it is as much in our own interest to ask if something can be put in place to safeguard us too?

Maybe we ALL need something a little more robust to focus on and bind us together than the CTC listing and a certificate from the organisation which trained us. - e.g. a kind of membership organisation and random 'anonymous' checks.

There is concern about groups of NSIs being selected and will duly be raised at a meeting in Birmingham for that reason ... would anyone care to comment?


Re:Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

Postby motty » 8 Jun 2006, 11:25am

I would hope that if you are training children you would have your own copy of a CRB to show to any anxious parent?


Re:Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

Postby Wendy » 8 Jun 2006, 8:45pm

Hi Motty,

I do of course have my own CRB check that was done within the past year but of course, one can be clean when it is done but do something really stupid to change that as it is printed which is why there is so much debate over CRB checks, because effectively, like an MoT certificate, they are invalid as soon as they are printed almost as circumstances can change! Both the local college where I was studying at the time can act as an umbrella body for me as indeed, the county council do too.

However a CRB check doesn't prevent us from making mistakes, silly things like picking a child up when they have fallen over although yes of course, there are also more deliberate actions that are far more serious even if one has been checked and professionally has a position of trust, we could be talking nurses, teachers, police officers, any profession that puts adults into a position of responsability to children in their care if you like.

It only takes one incident for it to ricochet onto the rest of us and put the doubt there!

Paul Power

Re:Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

Postby Paul Power » 9 Jun 2006, 1:16pm

Hi Wendy,

Personally, I don't think signing up to a Code of Conduct is a good idea. In our businesses, which include a cycle shop/cycle hire/cycle training and also a children's boating lake, we're all CRB checked. However, we have in place our own policy in relation to training children or having children ride on our boats and it's this - You want your child trained, you come along and sit on the bank, so to speak. That way the parent/guardian is always present. Same applies to our boating hire lake. You want your children to ride on our boats? Fine, you sit on the bank and watch them enjoy themselves.

This works fine for us. I think at the moment we're having too much Codes of Conduct/risk assessments etc, which are nothing more than a cover-your-back exercise as opposed to creating a safe, enjoyable learning experience, which is what we strive to do in our businesses.

I think if someone has real concerns about training children then they should stick to training adults, which is in the main who our cycle training is aimed at.

But as for Codes of Conduct, I certainly don't want to have to sign up to one. For a start I'm not impressed with the way CTC carry out their business especially in relation to Instructor Training Insurance (see my other post).

Our business works fine on our own internal codes of conduct and we certainly don't need some beak in a suit whose possibly never ridden a bike, and certainly never ran a business to dictate to us how we should run our business.

Ultimately the customer decides. If they're happy to have their children train with you then that's the greatest endorsement of your service their is.

Please, no more bureacracy....

Kind regards



Re:Do we need a code of conduct to sign up to?

Postby Wendy » 11 Jun 2006, 7:39am

Paul, like you I always have the parents helping me out ... that way if anything happens and a child needs a cuddle etc. then the parent can do it especially as the children I teach are always friends, ditto their parents!

I'm only asking the question because one person has potentially put into question, the integrity of all NSIs unfortunately and I would also agree with you that there is already far too much bureacracy in this world as it stands too so I don't need any more either., I'm just trying to guage opinion, that is all!