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Re: Cornwall County Council Cyclewise Training

Postby CrazyMotherDuck » 13 Jul 2009, 4:40pm

In terms of the cycling festival on Saturday ... it was just too much ........ first having one of the council staff approach me saying that they could not cover us from the insurance angle but that is not a problem as we carry our own public liability insurance, so then the excuse of a risk assessment was used but again, as professionally trained and qualified instructors, unlike Cyclewise Instructors, it is also a part of our remit. When that failed, the council tried coming at it from the angle that the instructors were trying to ‘sell’ our services – in fact we had ONLY bought activities books based on road safety for children as issued by the DfT through the ’THINK Road Safety’ website, which we are entitled to order and hand out but that was also wrong yet no-one else had them available and all were free ..

Incidentally immediately prior to this happening, I was talking to an elderly woman who was sighing, wishing that she had a trike and could ride again but her legs wouldn't allow her to. I was explaining that there is a powered version available but if she wanted to try out the one in the arena, to ask one of the guys in black polos with pink writing on them. However this council employee was already hovering waiting to attack and when this woman said to me that she was afraid to go on the road, went to bring her in to explain and give her leaflets about Pedal Back the Years to try and calm her down.

However the introduction became something else and she immediately jumped the gun refusing to listen, I had to take control and explain very firmly what this lady had said to me and that it was PBTY info that the lady needed, not general information about the trails that the employee was trying to whisk her away to give her, which would have been totally inappropriate. Then the PCSO attending was bought in and I was threatened with being arrested for a breach of the peace AFTER I'd asked the said employee who was becoming rather threatening to back off and not invade my space ... it really isn't good enough and gives rise to some very serious questions. Curiously once I had my colleagues join me, they backed off apart from one occasion when a false allegation was raised but by then the PSCO was getting himself into very hot water and I had a chat with a JP I know., it made for an interesting conversation too.

Curiously today I was at a council ran meeting involving families, young people and children in the new authority, all of whom are fully supportive of us getting a grant down here and getting to more children around the county ..... watch this space!! :roll: