Medical Questions

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Paul Lowe

Medical Questions

Postby Paul Lowe » 2 Aug 2006, 5:13pm

hi all,
I work part time at the cycletraining helpdesk for the CTC and also run, a cycle training provider for a number of London Boroughs.

We recently had a trainee who suffered from dyspraxia. This was not declared on the medical declaration on the trainee's consent form.

Dyspraxia sometimes makes it difficult for people to follow instructions.

The helpdesk would be interested to know if any other instructors have had similar instances of behavioural issues not being declared on consent forms.

We would like to issue some guidance on this matter.



Re:Medical Questions

Postby Fin » 3 Aug 2006, 3:40pm

I got advice on just this issue recently. It was suggested to us that on membership and consent forms we use the terms 'special needs or medical problems'. We also give examples- asthma and dyspraxia. One parent didn't mention asthma on a form but when I asked verbally if her son had problems she mentioned it. Special needs would cover such things as behavioural problems which we might not otherwise know about. If it isn't spelt out clearly people don't always realise we need to know these things. Also I think that parents of children with special needs assume that we aren't aware of the various conditions because they don't realise how many people are aware these days.

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Postby spokes » 6 Mar 2007, 8:29pm

hi i train in schools and we always as class teachers if any children have problems as some parents dont put medical problems on consent forms.also always ask childern if any need to take inhailers with us when going out


Postby pops » 7 Mar 2007, 7:15pm

I tend to rely on the consent forms and asking whoever we have contact with at the school - which is usually the head or deputy head but is sometimes the secretary. I haven't yet had a case I know of where child had a relevant medical problem that wasn't declared - that's not to say it hasn't happened.

L Spyers-Ashby

Medical Questions

Postby L Spyers-Ashby » 4 Jul 2007, 4:19pm

Hi Paul,

We have had several instances of this recently at Northamptonshire County Council.

In some cases conditions are declared on a consent form, but in others, especially where the child has not been diagnosed but the condition is being investigated, then it has not. We are going to amend our consent form to give examples of conditions and include those that are 'under investigation for..etc.' as well as those that have been diagnosed or statemented.

Our instructors are advised to ask school staff if they are aware of any such issues with any trainee at a pre-course briefing where consent forms are collected & risk assessments are done. The other thing we do is to insist that if a trainee has such a condition then they must be supported by a parent or their Learning Support Assistant.

I think guidance on this issue would be really helpful.