Solo Cycle Training

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Solo Cycle Training

Postby charlytango » 16 Jan 2010, 9:42pm

Does anyone cycle train (national standards) by themselves or does cycle training have to be done with two adults? Some ITP split groups of 12 children into 2 so 1 instructor to 6 trainees so can 1 qualified instructor teach 6 trainees?

John Holiday
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Re: Solo Cycle Training

Postby John Holiday » 18 Jan 2010, 12:54pm

I believe the answer is no.
When working with Flintshire CC, we work in pairs with up to 12 children, but when taking out groups of six on the roads would still have two instructors. We do not take any group of more than six on the road for tuition.
The only time we would work singly, is when working in the playground on the basic Part One skills, when we often split the twelve into two groups of six.

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Re: Solo Cycle Training

Postby adinigel » 23 Jan 2010, 7:24am

Yes one instructor can take out up to 6 trainees at level 2.

There would certainly be some sense in organising 2 groups of 6, each with an instructor to make things easier to control should anything happen.

Some organisations may insist on this.

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Re: Solo Cycle Training

Postby CrazyMotherDuck » 28 Jan 2010, 10:01pm

The ration is one instructor to 6 children, so two instructors can take out 12 children between them. It depends how you work, if the children then become traffic for each other, i.e. one instructor does right in, left out and the other left in, right out, so that you are always within site of each other and the children then it's just about OK although I would try to encourage at least one other adult to be present, it's not always possible though.

If you are talking just taking 6 children out on your own without a second adult, for your own safety, try to insist on having A.N.Other adult with you. What happens if there is an incident to the children who are not involved for example if you have to deal with the situation per say? Also if I have any children with learning difficulties or similar as part of the group, I also insist on having an extra person out to work with them as well as otherwise the group might become disruptive and things could get out of hand if you are alone.

It's how I work anyway if not with another instructor!


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Re: Solo Cycle Training

Postby xpc316e » 29 Jan 2010, 7:59pm

I think that it would be madness for many reasons to take six children on one's own. What if you, or a child, fell ill? What if a child's behaviour was bad enough to warrant being dismissed. Aside from those examples, one cannot have eyes in the back of one's head and safety would inevitably be compromised. It's one of those things that you might get away with for ages, and then suddenly it all goes wrong.
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