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Re: Training Course length

Postby Bikecat » 18 Sep 2010, 8:17pm

I think there is some confusion here. It obviously takes at 7.5 hrs or more to teach a group of from 5 to 10 trainees. No question! No argument! I do these school courses regularly myself. And the Bikeability figures quoted are for groups of trainees.

But with a single trainee, why shouldn't it take 1/6 or less of the time? Particularly one who is 2 or 3 years older than the typical level 2 trainee and can already easily show mastery of level one skills. My test often sounds like this as we cycle along the road near their house, having done bike check etc.. Lets see you get on your bike, start off, tell me how your gears work, show me a right then a left signal, how many fingers am I showing, looking over your right shoulder, now your left, lets do a u turn here. And stop. That took about 4 minutes for this particular trainee and he passed with flying colours! If he hadn't known about gears that would have taken a bit of extra time.
It's actually really good fun teaching one to one!