Training teenagers

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John Brady
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Training teenagers

Postby John Brady » 2 Feb 2007, 10:32am

I have been give the opportunity to promote cycling at a local College of Further Education. The age group of students is 16 to 21yrs. Does anyone have any experience of cycle training with this age group, and what promotional material, such as posters, DVD's etc would you recommend? Any advice warmly received!

Wendy C.

Postby Wendy C. » 26 Mar 2007, 2:56pm

Hi John,

I've worked with teenagers albeit not quite this old but 13 - 16 year olds none the less ...

The things I find works is that they have to take responsability for themselves from the off ... by being allowed to wear their own clothes if they are suitable i.e. they are visible in them, then not asking them to wear tabards and if I do need to ask them to wear tabards, then they have a choice of colours for example that I picked up cheaply at the county show type thing but nothing that undermines them so no writing on the back for example.

Also giving them the choice of whether they use a helmet or not and if not, then parental indemnity in my instance due to age, must be recieved in writing ...... if that is their choice fine but from the self presevation angle, I have to be indemnified first!

That on it's own tends to set the mood - once they realise you're ggoing to include them in decision making from the off, you should then be well on your way but first impressions do count!! It could be make or break!

Sounds like it is going well up north, our loss and your gain, shame but there it is., let me know when you are coming back this way!

Take care,