NDPB review: future of Cycling England

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NDPB review: future of Cycling England

Postby Philip Benstead » 14 Oct 2010, 12:37pm

Dear Instructor,

You are probably aware that Cycling England is one of the bodies which has been under review by the Cabinet Office as part of its reform of all NDPBs. Francis Maude has, this morning, made an announcement confirming that Cycling England will be abolished at the end of this financial year.

Department for Transport has issued a press notice which you can read here: - DFT ANNOUNCES REFORM OF PUBLIC BODIES

The Government is grateful for the support of Cycling England in the delivery of cycling policy and recognises the dedicated work of the board and employees. But, the Government believes that the functions of Cycling England can now be better delivered within the Department via the newly announced Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Bikeability will be supported for the remainder of this Parliament. DfT is also considering establishing an expert panel on wider sustainable travel which would promote cycling as part of the wider green agenda.

Cycling England still has a large programme of work to deliver for the remainder of this financial year and funding for those is not affected by this announcement. Cycling England and DfT programme managers will continue to work with you to deliver the best results possible.

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