Makes you really wonder

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Paul Power
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Makes you really wonder

Postby Paul Power » 24 Mar 2007, 4:20pm

A few weeks ago, while desperately working through our year end figures, and trying to put together a fairly detailed dealer information package for one of our new ventures, I was interrupted by a young lady who came into our shop to ask about cycle training for her niece.

As a business person, I will always make time for customers. So I sat her down, answered her many, and detailed questions particularly in relation to our pricing structure.

After taking up almost an hour of my time, she left.

Then one of our staff brought it to my attention that she was in fact a cycle instructor working for a cycle training centre in Hove.

Personally, I find it unacceptable that a fellow cycle instructor sees the need to basically lie, and or, misrepsent themselves in an effort to find out information on our cycle school's prices etc. Bearing in mind that all of our prices, lesson contents etc are all posted in the public domain on our website.

In the past local cycle instructors have always popped into our shop/school if passing, introduced themselves and shared a cup of coffee.

That's way I think we should do business.

The idea of having to send in instructors posing as potential trainees to 'rival' training organisations is a nonsense.

The sole reason I introduced cycle training into our business was because we have many customers who buy our bikes and are returning to cycling after a long break and want to have some training.

I didn't set up our business to compete with other cycle schools and indeed up until now I have been recommending this other cycle school for our customers who live in the Hove area.

I have written sometime ago to the owner of this cycle school who hasn't had the courtesy of replying.

Personally, I think it's unacceptable for this lady to have lied to me when she came to our shop, and I also think that someone who lies should not be teaching children.

Any thoughts on what this by anyone??

Paul Power.

Wendy C.

Postby Wendy C. » 26 Mar 2007, 1:57pm

Hi Paul,

Have to say, got Steve who contacts me about moving down to Cornwall, Jodi in Bude whom I make referrals to if I get enquiries from that end of the county or MTB enquiries, Em in Bodmin whom I've worked with, Matt in St. Ives who I've communicated with and the girls from Lily-Peds in Exeter who have run a course just outside Plymouth for me as it was over 150 mile round trip each session for me otherwise and we all put together!

We are up front with each other and tend to make referrals as geographical demand suggests may be the best option ... so what you had to deal with .. no, don't like that, not comfortable with it at all.

You can do one of two things about it, one is to mention it to whomever comes down to monitor you when you get your scheme accredited as this is the kind of thing they want to know about or you can go to when it is functioning properly ... the webby is set up but the email address isn't functional yet., check it out though, we now have a board governing us., that is what C[ycle] T[raining] S[tandards] B[oard] stands for ........