The launch of Bikeability and everything that goes with it..

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Wendy C.

The launch of Bikeability and everything that goes with it..

Postby Wendy C. » 26 Mar 2007, 1:39pm

The good news is that finally it has happened, the bad is that it's happened before those (and I'm not talking about the instructors/councils/organisations that were involved gearing up) responsible for the launch were ready and the even worst news is that the CTC have now been sidelined so we no longer have their input which I find quite fantastic as that is who all NSIs are affiliated to and without them, there wouldn't be anyone to deliver Bikeability!

I'm talking amongst other things, about the independent instructors now getting their schemes accredited., I've already had a couple of people contact me for help because the forms freaked them out., they did me too but again it was the CTC who provided the support and simplified it for me only now, they can't ... if it's any consolation, mine is only going through now and yet I geared up.

And although the CTC are listed as being are involved in this CTSB thing, which is no bad thing and what some people were calling for, the email address on that when one tries to contact them for their 'unique number' so that you can register on the professionals forum on the Bikeability webby, bounces back and the guys in Guildford can do nothing about it.

The telephone numbers on the Bikeability webby aren't fully functional either and they apparently are telling people to call the CTC for the correct numbers but then they don't have them as they've been pulled from the equation.

As was the case at the beginning of the pilot, once again the certificates etc. are not yet available and then we kept getting told at the end of September, then the next week and the next and finally at the beginning of November they materialised but we'd been running courses for weeks by then.

So don't expect miracles ... and if anyone wants to get in touch, then you know how and I'll help you as much as I can., it is something of a nightmare situation though and that is putting it mildly!

If anyone else comes up against anything similar, back me up and make a formal complaint eh? Preferably citing Philip Darnton and Claire Spink as the recipients only keep your cool when doing it., these are civil servants who don't respond well to anger! It is frustrating but we all have to hold together on this one ...... just hang on in there folks, it always comes out in the wash in the end :roll:


Postby mhara » 26 May 2007, 9:37am

Thanks Wendy - I now begin to see that far from missing the boat re getting our school involved in Bikeability it looks like the boat had (is having?) trouble casting off from the jetty!!

Will persevere.

All will be well in the end, and if it's not well, then it's not the end :)