Consent forms for after school clubs

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Consent forms for after school clubs

Postby Jonathan » 24 Mar 2005, 4:45pm

Can anyone out there tell me if I need parents to sign consent forms for after school cycle training in the playground? Last year a teacher told me that the school insurance covers me and the training is classed as a school activity. Is this right?

Anything to save on paperwork will help - but I just want to be sure to get this right.


Kieran Flynn

Re:Consent forms for after school clubs

Postby Kieran Flynn » 29 Mar 2005, 11:25am


you require a parental consent form for any extra curricular activity with under eighteens. you will find a pro forma in the National Standard for Adult and Teenage Cycle Training. This was sent to every local authority road safety unit in 2003. we will be posting some relevant documents on our website in due course or copies are available from us for £40 including p+p.