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Funding for cycle training

Postby annief » 30 Mar 2007, 10:47am

Further to recent topics about funding of cycle training, I've been trying to find out about this in order to have a reasoned discussion with a reluctant local authority and am feeling really annoyed at how difficult it is to find information. Bikeability helpline numbers take you to a 'distribution centre' (apparently for packs) who are apparently employed by Blue Rubicon (? an agency?) who hve only just taken over according to the young woman who I spoke to who could offer no help at all.
As far as I can find out from plundering the internet, Cycling England are doling out money to local authorities who are already running schemes that are accredited/with accredited instructors and any money they are given has to be spent on additional training with no account taken of overheads or administration. So if you have a local authority like ours, where cycle training is done on a shoestring with volunteer instructors, then the LA has to first of all fund training (at £450 per person), then become accredited and then keep funding the training in schools. And the funding is only year on year and the allocation for the next financial year has already gone before the final deadline given (apparently they had received bids for £1.5m against funding of £1.25m) and funding bids are now closed against 2007/08 financial year. So it's all a gigantic subterfuge isn't it and I can quite see why a road safety department might not turn itself upside down for a limited amount of funding for a limited amount of time. And what chance anyone who wants to train professionally? I would love it if someone could offer any enlightenment.

Wendy C.

Postby Wendy C. » 31 Mar 2007, 2:21pm


Are you saying that you want to train as an instructor yourself, in which case call the CTC Cycle Training line - you can get a grant to do this and there are various Training Providers around the country although you may have to travel a little, depending on where you are geographically speaking.

Once you have qualified, if indeed that is what you want to do, then as an independent instructor, you don't qualify for a grant, I have a similar situation here in Cornwall, the LA are not delivering National Standards even less Bikeability, BUT there are alternatives.

Right now the alternative is that the school[s] in question apply on line to and they will know within 8 weeks., futuristically speaking then, CE have told me that there will be a grant that schools can apply directly for as not all LAs deliver NS.

Blue Rubicon are a PR firm, sadly it was the CTC who initially dealt with all this but for some reason, CE have seen fit to hire Blue Rubicon to now take that side of it on too who in turn have commissioned some marketing group or other as you correctly said and things really are not going too swimmingly as a result, their not being cyclists the way the CTC members of staff tend to be!

Hope this helps,




Postby annief » 3 Apr 2007, 1:16pm

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for that - but the link didn't work. Is it something to do with the Schools Sports Partnerships?

I did my NS last November and have been doing a bit of volunteering with the local council. They won't embrace NS though what they do isn't bad up to level 2. Others are making much more of a racket than me about it but now I've got additionally pulled in because I'm helping with the STP of my kid's secondary school and the school are actually asking for cycle training (they have a cycle to school rate of close to 70%) but of course it will cost a bomb if done privately.

As far as I can see, if there are no more LA grants available until 2008/09, then the chances are slim of changing things in the near future. It's very frustrating knowing that some councils are willing to direct funds and policy towards cycle training while some just refuse and we are at their mercy. thanks.

Wendy C.

Postby Wendy C. » 3 Apr 2007, 8:46pm

Sorry Annie,

Try - my mistake, managed to insert an extra 's' after the word 'for' .. :oops:

Check it out now, I just did and this time it works!!