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Postby TIMT » 5 Jun 2007, 2:52pm

Helo everyone,
I was listening to Bunty on radio 2 last week and she was saying how she enjoyed goiing to work every day and pitied anyone who didn't feel the same about their work - or worse - dreaded going to work.
Which brings me here........
I fall into the latter category - shame i know - but true.
So i need a change of career..... now what could i do...... mmm i wonder?
Then i see a link for cycle trainers, it gets me curious and all of a sudden pieces start falling into place.
Initial investigation could have found my perfect job?
I'm currently in construction middle management, have a current CRB and 1st aid at work certificate and have health and safety coming out of my ears!!! - oh and i'm a very keen cyclist (albeit mountain biker).
I've only been looking for a few hours and it's alredy info overload. I know that the 1st step is a trainers course but what then?
Any info/comment/jokes at my expense/encouragement would be more than welcome.
Thanks in anticipation.

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Postby towedhaul » 14 Jun 2007, 8:19pm

Hi Timt
You're right, a training course is first.
Then, you could set up on your own as a trainer which might be hard work but good too. There are people on here who'll help.
Or you could join a training organisation and get supported while you're learning/training. You don't say where you're based.
Some councils will hire a trained instructor (some might even pay for your course). There's a couple of organisations in London (CTUK and, Bristol -Lifecycle, Merseyside -Cycling Solutions, Manchester -BikeRight.
I'm sure there are more....

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Postby ZANDER » 12 Oct 2008, 1:03pm

Hello, I am interested in becoming an instructor as well. Based in London.

Any pointers on how to could get a council to pay for the course?

Also if anyone has experience and opinions on working with a training organization?


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Postby Speshact » 12 Oct 2008, 10:12pm

CTC used to run a bursary scheme to cover some of the cost of getting trained but have stopped administrating it recently. Cycling England let me know last that week that:
"the bursary scheme will continue and we very much want to encourage more people to train as instructors. Very soon there should be a link available on the Bikeability website to download a form, and the contact details for submitting the form will also be there. "

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Postby Mythical » 14 Oct 2008, 11:34am

Looks like it's quite a competitive industry. I've applied to a couple of companies but never got anywhere, and they seem to be the only two companies within a reasonable distance - the rest appear to be sole traders.

I have lots of the kind of experience they want, but it seems my application still goes into the round file. Maybe I'm just not beardy enough.

I recall reading that there's a bursary available for the training - Maybe it's not something everyone deals with, but I don't think I'd be happy to immediately be the one person responsible for wether someone has the skills and knowledge to keep themselves reasonably safe out there on a bike after just 4 days training. I'd rather teach a group and work with other instructors for a while. I'd rather teach groups anyway - it's more fun that way! - The photos are rubbish but the memories are good. :)