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Trackstanding Trainee

Postby xpc316e » 24 May 2012, 8:51pm

I did a couple of Level 1 sessions in a school today, and in one of them was a 9 year old girl, wearing her pink Barbie helmet, on a typical little girl's bike with 20" wheels. She was a capable rider who easily mastered all we asked of her. I usually finish with a slow race, and she amazed me by going straight into a trackstand whilst seated on her little bike. She did a succession of trackstands over the length of the playground.

When we finished I sat them under a tree and asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She replied, "Be in the Olympics." I enquired as to which event and she said, "Cycling." I spoke to the Head afterwards and asked her to steer the girl's parents towards the local cycling club, as I have never seen someone look such a natural rider.

What a great day!
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John Holiday
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Re: Trackstanding Trainee

Postby John Holiday » 27 May 2012, 11:19am

Hopefully this young lady will have parents who either are cyclists or may at least be able to give her the opportunity to persue her dream.

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Re: Trackstanding Trainee

Postby greg.woodford » 13 Jun 2012, 9:09am

Isn't that just great. Well done for encouraging her.

I met an 8 year old a few years ago who was setting jumps up and doing all sorts of tricks on his bike. Amazing! He had also found his bike in a skip and mended it. Some kids are just great.

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Re: Trackstanding Trainee

Postby Vorpal » 22 Jun 2012, 8:40pm

I handed out some information about go race to some promising youngsters a couple of months ago. They overtook me on the road at 18ish mph on the way home from school. I was really pleased to hear that one turned up to an event put on by a local cycling club a few weeks ago. He told them I 'sent' him because he'd beat me. :lol:
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