Complete beginners

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Complete beginners

Postby keepontriking » 25 May 2005, 1:50pm

I have had some notable successes with teaching complete beginners but but now have a rider who would like to be taught to ride using a Brompton.

Has anyone done this?
A Brommie is excellent for reducing the seat height and for 'scooting' while seated, but does anyone have any experience of whether it works for learning on, and in particular the transition from a small wheeled bike to a larger wheeled machine?

John B


Re:Complete beginners

Postby Tally » 19 Sep 2005, 9:38pm

Hi John

Its not ideal but its possible. Due to the twitchy nature of the handling, its not ideal for beginners but it just takes a bit of perseverance. Start slowly and just break it down into small chunks.

Scooting is the best way to teach someone. With both feet, one foot and then one foot at a time on a pedal. Hoppe this helps



Re:Complete beginners

Postby Pete » 7 Oct 2005, 2:25pm

I don't really see that it's that different from a typical small wheel "girl's bike", and plenty of them get used for learning on.

My "cycle buddy" in the local volunteer scheme isn't a complete beginner but she hasn't cycled for decades. Because she doesn't have a bike yet I lent her my Brom, and she isn't having any issues with it at all (aside from the Brooks on it being my shape and not hers! ;-))



Re:Complete beginners

Postby VP » 5 Feb 2006, 10:54pm

Hi Tally
Scooting is one way but teaching people to balance by steering in the direction the bike leans as they pedal is far quicker!
I have taught people to ride on Bromptons and once they have got the balance sorted they can ride any bike.


Re:Complete beginners

Postby keepontriking » 6 Feb 2006, 10:10am

Since my original post I can say that using a Brommie does actually work - quite well.
I have now taught several complete adult beginners to ride using the Brommie, usually where their own machine has proved to be too large or cumbersome for them to learn on.

None have had any problems moving on to a larger sized bike.

As an aside I love using a Brommie for beginner training as it is so easy to park in its semi-folded state - and then so easy to pick up in order to chase the beginner as they pedal off into the far beyond :-)

John B


Re:Complete beginners

Postby Tim » 27 Feb 2006, 8:27pm

Why not try 1st putting someone on the back of a tandem, before progressing?