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Postby pops » 19 Oct 2007, 9:18pm

Has anyone else had problems getting their initial trainer to do their training assessment within the 6 months as required. So far I've been waiting nearly 12 months for York to do this - and I know I'm not the only one. I have tried chasing this up on a number of occasions and though the CTC has assured us that the deadline has been extended in our cases it really is getting a bit beyond a joke now.

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Postby towedhaul » 24 Oct 2007, 9:19pm

You know it doesn't have to be done by the ITP that trained you, don't you? You can go to any other instructor training provider. Trouble is, the initial cost of the monitoring is included in the course cost. So, you'd probably have to pay again, I suppose. What do the CTC say about it?


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Postby annief » 3 Nov 2007, 9:21am

Yes, I have a similar situation. I don't want to criticise any particular outfit because I think cycle training is not being properly supported by the government and that is having an effect on local authority funding and cycle training uptake.
However, that said, I'm a year down the line from my initial course, my training provider had little work in the spring and said leave it to the autumn. I have just arranged a session but I have had to agree to the trainer visiting me and pay all the subsequent costs.
I am also finding it's not that easy to get people to teach, there just doesn't seem to be the market. As someone said to me recently, really this is all going to come down to training in the schools and the adult market will remain quite small. And if your LA doesn't embrace the national standards, then you are really stuck!


Postby GeoffC » 17 Nov 2007, 8:38pm

I am in the same situation 13 months from initial training and no assessment! CTC have extended the deadline, but trainees are very short on the ground in the winter, dark, wet and windy, so trying to get 3 people together at the same time and place is very difficult. Also my traing body wants week day sessions to audit. I have always said that it is evening or Week end as I am in full time work, as are most of my trainees.



Postby pops » 18 Nov 2007, 11:52pm

I'm lucky in that I do work for a local authority - I do plenty of sessions in the week but still can't get them down. I really think that the CTC need to look at who it allows to train instructors.

Is York currently training any new instructors does anyone know ?

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Postby Jules » 30 Nov 2007, 12:14pm

Why not train someone on a voluntary basis? I'm sure you'll find there are lots of people who would like training but aren't willing to pay. Private schools are a good source of potential trainees - and they WILL often pay, ask the school to contact PTA or other parent body as parents are usually very keen to get their kids some training in my experience, although I can only vouch for the SE of UK.

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Postby billynibbles » 15 Feb 2008, 7:49am

pops wrote:
Is York currently training any new instructors does anyone know ?

This seems to be a recurring theme, and there's even a thread on the subject of lack of follow up from York.

We had the same experience as many other groups that underwent their initial training and then waited and waited......

Eventually, we gave up and started from scratch with Kingston (London, not Hull). Within two weeks of the initial course I was visited twice in my work place and accredited. Of course we were lucky to be working at this time of year (if you can count being out in pouring rain and high winds 'lucky')