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What's my NSI number?

Posted: 25 Nov 2014, 7:44pm
by Chris Green
My employer recently asked me to supply my NSI number for their records. To be perfectly honest, the only paper evidence I could come up with is the older CTSB format (CTSBnnnnnnC). From what I can see, the numbers and possibly the final digit are the same, but I'm told that it'll begin with NSI plus one other letter and I've no idea what that would be. Was there any convention when these were converted?

A couple of weeks back I was e-mailed with an invite to update my details prior to a change in the national database and I did actually do this, duly noting the URL and login, but this page is no longer extant so I'm now wondering where the hell to look for this.

Re: What's my NSI number?

Posted: 26 Nov 2014, 2:13pm
by Si
As you say, it's all on line now -

but, of course you need an nsi number to log in. My NSI number was included in the post asking me to log into the above website together with a single use key.

IIRC NSI numbers are: NSI followed by six digits and then a letter that shows if you are accredited (Q?), probationary(P?) or an assistant (A?). But the only bit that you need to use to log in is the six digit number.

Re: What's my NSI number?

Posted: 26 Nov 2014, 8:45pm
by Chris Green
Many thanks Si. I followed your link (minus the bit about /join) and it worked. I think where I was going wrong before was that I'd forgotten that it would be an https site. Luckily, as you say, the database only asks for the 6-digits, which happen to be the same format as the CTSB version, and I must have used the same password I usually reserve for anything that doesn't involve money!

Yours sincerely, NSIQ502720A