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Using this forum to raise sponsorship money for charity

Posted: 29 Jan 2016, 10:13pm
by shortclaud
My wife and I (about seventy years CTC membership between us!), are about to attempt
our first serious ride for charity. In May we're down to ride 350 km in three days to raise
money for the Spinal Injuries Association, our favorite charity because about 25 years
ago we had a RTA which broke her back and put her in a wheelchair for life. My question
is: what is this forums view on us asking for sponsors on this site, to help us reach our
target of £3000?

Re: Sponsored rides

Posted: 1 Feb 2016, 7:14am
by Si
Hi, we prefer that people do not use the forum the raise sponsorship because there are so many people doing sponsored rides that if even a fraction of them used the forum it would be swamped and other forum users would soon get charity fatigue.
There is also, in some cases, the question of legitimacy - there is always the possibility that a very small number of such sponsorship requests aren't exactly as they appear.