I Get Logged Out After Every Action

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Re: I Get Logged Out After Every Action

Postby simonhill » 7 Jun 2016, 8:04am

Thanks for the reply.

I tried logging in not using remember me after setting bookmark to new site name, deleting cookies, etc and it still logged me out after each action.

This didn't used to happen. I would stay logged in while using and for about 20 mins if inactive. This was why I reported it, but by using remember me I don't have to worry. Nonetheless it does mean that something different is happening.

It seemed to work OK on my windows phone without remember me.

I haven't tried on PC yet, but will bear in mind the problem of leaving behind my login cookie.

Thanks for the reply, I have a fix, not sure if you consider this a bug or a spooky one off.

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Re: I Get Logged Out After Every Action

Postby admin » 9 Jun 2016, 5:28pm

Afraid that with 30,000+ members (far fewer of whom are active, granted) and no other complaints, I think it must be a problem at your end.

Are you using over-zealous security software, perhaps in a workplace?

Are you perhaps moving around, so that the wireless or mobile network you're connecting to is changing? phpBB does some checking of IP addresses for each session, and the first two octets have to match to be valid. This would mean you might get logged out each time your tablet gets a new connection.

If you look at the cookies for this site, when you're logged in, you should see one with a name like "phpbb3_69e7g_sid" that has a value of a long hexadecimal number (numbers and letters from a to f). When you move from page to page that long value should stay the same, so you keep the same "session" on the server.