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Two new ideas for the forum

Postby steady eddy » 23 Jun 2016, 8:44am

There has been some recent grumbling about the demise of info from the CTC for tourists. Instead of just grumbling, why don't we create some info pages on here using the collective knowledge we have. I am thinking of a bike sizing data base and an accommodation data base.
For the bike sizing one I could start with - I am male height 6ft, inside leg 31in.- I know this is a bit personal but it is a crucial measurement! I ride a 58cm non sloping top tube Dawes Galaxy with xxx cms of seat post showing. I haven't measured the seat post extension but can do. We would need to work out just which bit we are measuring here. We could also include a clear side on picture as well, and perhaps a list of any useful modifications. For example my bike has campag shifters, I have changed the pedals and run 28mm tyres in place of the original 32mm marathons.

Very quickly we would amass a lot of data - but please no discussion- on what size bikes people ride and how they are set up. Those wanting new bikes, with the inevitable is this too big or too small question, could look in the data base for some starting guidance and or possibly pm the post writer for info. Some sort of standard format or template might be good if it can be set up.

We could do a similar thing for accommodation. Listing locations and accommodation possibly with web links. We have random posts about where people went and where they stayed but searching these isn't very productive. A heading under touring - listing accommodation used on tour, with prices paid and a quality rating would again quickly grow in to a data base for others.

I have just returned from my first - and very successful foray in to continental touring and stayed in excellent accommodation. Talking to two gentlemen on the train back from Harwich who ad been to a pre1980s event, we quickly discovered that one of them had stayed at the same B and B in Middleburg last year. It could save a lot of hit and miss searching on the internet to know where other cyclists had stayed and how they got on.