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images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 5:17pm
by malverncyclist
I am trying to put images up to support a "For Sale - complete bikes only" and all it get is "file size too large". I have now reduced the pics to thumb size (almost useless) and it still won't let me upload. Tried the administrators but no reply (too busy with other website issues?).

can anyone help me please!



Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 6:05pm
by thirdcrank
As an aside, the Posting Info and guidelines were edited and republished recently. They still include this, which is wrong:

There is now an ability to upload photos/graphics, which should help illustrate your stuff on the Sales, Wanted & Swap board. The picture upload will re-size images to conform to a maximum file size (256k). Any image judged to be distasteful by the forum staff will be removed. Please do not hot-link into other people’s websites as this is stealing bandwidth and frowned upon.

(My emphasis.)

Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 6:16pm
by gaz
malverncyclist wrote:can anyone help me please!

Resizing guide: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=114388

Alternatively see if your camera/phone has a VGA setting, pics taken on VGA are usually a small enough file size to upload directly.

Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 6:20pm
by Graham
Hello Martin,

I responded to your email yesterday. Have a look in your spam bucket ( the sender is not ).

Hello Martin,

The max filesize for photos loaded directly to the forum is 256Kbytes.

I use a photo editor to scale the pic down to 480 pixels on the longest dimension, then export as jpg.

I'll try to find somewhere a bit more obvious to post this on the forum.

The alternative is to load the larger photos to some gallery website and link across in your post.

Best Wishes

Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Nov 2017, 6:30pm
by Graham
Thanks for the warning TC. I have corrected that now . . . at long last.

Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 12:32am
by malverncyclist
thanks folks, all sorted now.


Re: images - AGAIN

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 3:49pm
by De Sisti
I wish moderators would delete posts of bikes for sale that don't actually have
pictures of the bikes in question (especially if they are prepared to delete posts
in this section that are not about complete bikes).