Why is the bike unsupported?

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Why is the bike unsupported?

Postby mjr » 6 Nov 2018, 2:57pm

I typed a bike symbol into a post and phpbb refused it with an error saying I'd used an unsupported character - or actually two, as I typed the parking symbol in next to it. The widespread emoji codes :parking: and :bike: don't work either. Why not? Could the forum support the bike (and maybe other unicode) easily?
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Re: Why is the bike unsupported?

Postby admin » 7 Nov 2018, 1:06pm

Emojis are 4-byte unicode characters, that can cause issues as older MySQL databases don't support them (they were limited to 3-byte unicode glyphs for some once-logical reason).

I'll have a look to see if this version of phpBB has an option to support 4-byte characters.

Hmmm... there's this, which I've already used for PHP 7 support. I'll dig deeper when I get a moment:
http://forum.dion-designs.com/t9150/mak ... th-php-70/