please move the sort by oldest or newest control

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please move the sort by oldest or newest control

Post by Marc »


Sort by oldest/newest control

Please move it to the top of the page as you have to scroll down each time and I've a feeling it needs to be done each time you enter te forum.

For me personally I'd love and overall control to go newest first over the whole site, that way I can just read the last however since I last logged on.

Let me know please

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Post by Graham »

Marc, I see what you mean. ( I have to admit that I had never noticed that control before ).

It would be nice if there was a facility on the individual user profiles permitting the global control the sequence of posts within topics.

I had a search through phpbb MODS, but could not find anything on the first pass.

No sign of such a facility in the soon-to-be-released version phpbb v3 either.

I'll let Admin/Anthony/Fonant make a judgement about moving the control.
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