PM's for newbies...

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby lolagi » 2 Nov 2013, 7:11pm

frstep wrote:Excellent - hoping that I'll be able to use PMs too as just joined so as to be able to respond to an for sale item!

Same here. :) Hoping that this post will get me 'authorised' or 'approved'.


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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby questioner9 » 15 Dec 2013, 6:53pm

I was also wondering this, about PM-ing to sales listings.

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby owenep » 16 Apr 2014, 11:22am

Awesome, I had the same question! Thanks

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby belette » 20 May 2014, 10:59am

also waiting for this as joined for a classified item! 8)

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby HenryD » 1 Jun 2014, 10:46pm

I'd love to be able to post some more, and be able to PM :)

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby dickieb_ol » 14 Jul 2014, 6:34pm

Well I hate "me to" posts as a rule, but this seems like a good place to post to enable PM so I can reply to a classified!

Cheers, Rich

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby peterbee » 7 Aug 2014, 10:56pm

Hello. I have participated in a forum discussion before - so not sure if I have to get a further approval before I am able to PM someone? If so, could you please approve this?

Also: is "bump" an acronym for something?

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby Bicycler » 8 Aug 2014, 3:12am

peterbee wrote:Also: is "bump" an acronym for something?

Nope. It is a common internet practice when somebody wishes to bring their subject back to everyone's attention. Say you are selling an item. If no-one posts replies it quickly gets knocked down the For Sale page until it ends up on the second or third page where fewer people are likely to see it. By posting a reply to his own topic the poster bumps it back up to the top of the first page where it may be seen by people who didn't see it the first time. It also lets people know that the item is still available. Some posters will add new information to the listing (for example a lower price), but if the poster has nothing new to add it is accepted practice just to use the word 'bump'.

It is also used elsewhere when a poster wishes to remind forum users about something eg. where the poster's question hasn't been answered. Very frequent repeated bumping is frowned upon as it becomes a nuisance for other forum users.

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby Witchfinder » 25 Apr 2015, 9:15am

Another dummy post so I can have PMs enabled.

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Re: PM's for newbies...

Postby Little miss mac » 30 May 2015, 10:08pm

timjefferson wrote:Hi, sorry to have to ask this way....
Please can you enable PMs for me? (I'm a newbie). Have posted interested on a bike for sale (posts not yet approved) and I cant PM the seller as also not approved yet.

Many thanks!

Hello mods
Exactly what he said above.
Thank you! :D