Dissertation project advice

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Dissertation project advice

Postby alexalph » 3 Jul 2014, 4:53pm

Good afternoon CTC members,

I am currently undertaking a dissertation project examining the perceptions and awareness of electric bikes, and how they have changed the travel habits of their owners. This includes 2 questionnaires: one of ebike owners and one of non-owners perceptions. This is a central part of my MSc in Transport Planning at Leeds University. The research has been ethically approved and will be undertaken on the official University of Leeds questionnaire site.

My questions are: Am I OK to ask for respondents in your forums? and secondly, which one of your forums would be most suitable for this post (and give the best exposure)?

If there are any guidelines to follow etc. please do let me know!

Thank you guys,

Alex Lister

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Re: Dissertation project advice

Postby Graham » 3 Jul 2014, 5:48pm

Hi Alex,

Well you are polite enough to ask first, so I would permit your survey(s) here.

+ evidence shows that you really are a student.
+ no indication (yet) that you are gathering info for commercial purposes.

Forum users often respond to surveys with constructive criticism. Creating a decent survey is actually a tough challenge.

Post it/them in "Does Anyone Know" section.