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Delft - Netherlands

Posted: 10 Jul 2016, 9:03am
by Heltor Chasca
This summer I'm pedalling around the NL with my 2 daughters. My Dutch friend has recommended a visit to Delft.

Anyone have thoughts? Thank you...b

Re: Delft - Netherlands

Posted: 11 Jul 2016, 12:44pm
by mjr
I was there briefly about two months ago. It was OK but I preferred most of the other places we visited such as Nordwijk and Dordrecht. Maybe we missed the best bits of Delft. The area around the old and new train stations was a building site with disrupted and badly-signposted cycle routes.

Re: Delft - Netherlands

Posted: 11 Jul 2016, 1:24pm
by Elizabeth_S
I was there last summer with my son (he's 22), we stayed in the Hague (youth hostel) and visited Gouda, Delft, and Leiden, we like them all; I should add we were walking and using trams and trains, we like wander and take in the atmosphere, so we aren't the most dynamic of travelers. We loved both Delft and Leiden and they both have allot to offer. Delft is compact and is a fantastic small science museum and botanical gardens, and the center is fantastic, the main square is great. It is true that there was work going on around the tram line that we used but once you get away from that it's fine. Leiden had a market on the day we visited, it was also lovely, but bigger, so great if you have a bike. Both have super ice cream shops.

Re: Delft - Netherlands

Posted: 8 Aug 2016, 8:52am
by Heltor Chasca
All points taken aboard to digest. Not long till departure now. Thank you both...b